Gore's Custom Slaughter and Processing

Edinburg Foltz Plant

12526 S Middle Rd Edinburg, VA 22824
Federally Inspected, Retail Processing, Fresh and Frozen Retail
Phone: 540-984-8138
Fax: 540-974-8139
Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30-4


USDA Processing, Wholesale and Retail

You’ll find a diverse operation at Gore’s Edinburg Foltz Plant; covering custom meat processing for farmers and restaurants alike, wholesale Gore’s meats and other meat products, as well as a custom retail butcher shop. The Edinburg Plant is USDA federally inspected, which means the meat can be sold to restaurants and groceries and then resold to the public.

This location is also Organic and Humane Handling Certified. Gore’s Fresh Meats & Deli is supplied by this facility with fresh deliveries daily. They slaughter for folks who raise livestock in their back yard, producers with farm markets and direct and wholesale sales. Visit the retail shop on the front of the building and you’ll find fresh cut beef and pork as well as deli meats and cheeses.

edin_picture4 Above, Gore's staff cut meat off the bone to make sausage.

edin_picture5 Above, tubs of fresh Ponhoss (Scrapple) cool and are ready to be wrapped, labeled and delivered to groceries along the Shenandoah Valley.
Below, are various labels to look for in your local grocery store or ask your favorite restaurants if they serve Gore's Meats.